Card Services

Because we care about meeting our members' needs first, we offer a wide variety of handy debit cards and gift cards. Leave behind the difficult gift-buying routine, forget the hidden fees, don't worry about your credit — just find the card that works best for you!

Visa Debit Card

Your Magnolia debit card is the ticket to hassle-free purchases. It's all the convenience of a credit card, with the safety of a check. Use it online, or at any retail store, and the money is taken from your checking account, so you never have to worry about making payments or monthly finance charges.

Your Visa debit card is accepted anywhere you see the Visa symbol, worldwide. Plus, you can review all your purchases on your monthly account statement for easy tracking. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Stop by any branch to complete a Visa Debit Card application or click here to request an application via our contact form.

Change your Debit Card Personal Identification Number (PIN) via touch-tone phone!

Simply dial 1-877-PHONPIN (7466746), enter the primary account holder's card number, social security number, and the desired new PIN. Please allow up to 48 hours for the new PIN to be activated (your old PIN will still work during this processing time).

ATM Card

With your handy Magnolia FCU ATM card, you'll have access to your funds 24/7. For totally free withdrawals, use your Magnolia ATM card at any Magnolia FCU machine, or one displaying one of the following network logos.

Prepaid Reloadable Debit Cards

Use this convenient Magnolia debit card just like a credit card, anywhere Visa® is accepted. Shop online, withdraw funds from ATMs, Add new funds, and more. This is the ideal card for someone trying to build or improve their credit, because you can't overdraw! There's no credit check, no monthly payment, and no financing fees.

A Prepaid Reloadable debit card from Magnolia FCU is your ticket to a brighter future, with more purchasing power on your terms!

Stop by any branch to complete a Prepaid Debit Card application or click here to request an application via our contact form.

Visa TravelMoney

Make purchases at any and all Visa locations while traveling in or out of the country. You can count on 24/7 access to your cash, and deposit funds from your Magnolia checking or savings accounts via a secure website.* Your Visa TravelMoney® card offers all the protection and security features you've come to expect from Visa.

  • Present your card at the time of purchase and the amount will be deducted from your card balance
  • Check your balance, transactions, or report a lost/stolen card by calling our toll free number 1-877-850-9650, or visiting CUMoney.
  • You can also add funds to your Visa TravelMoney card by visiting CUMoney.

*Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full disclosures including applicable charges, for types of funds accepted and for ways your card can be reloaded.

Visa Gift Cards

You can forget all the hard gift-giving choices when you buy a universally loved Visa Gift Card through Magnolia FCU. It's easy to use, perfect for any occasion, and accepted anywhere they take Visa. It works just like a debit card, and it's safer than cash. You can select from a variety of designs for your loved one, and watch them light up.

  • Available for any amount from $25 to $500
  • A small $4 per card processing fee applies
  • Pay just $2 per card if you're signed up for FREE eStatements

Holiday Gift Card

The holidays have a way of sneaking up on you, and you're left running around town looking for presents. The beauty of a Visa Holiday Gift Card is that it's more flexible that gift cards bought at one store, safer than cash, and easy for anyone from your boss to your loved one to use.

Just choose the amount you want to give — between $25 and $1,000 — and you're ready to give! There's a tiny processing fee of $4 for any member, and $2 for members signed up for FREE eStatements.

Visit any branch to pick up your gift card today!

Lost or Stolen Credit Card

It can happen in the blink of an eye. One moment you're running errands, ticking off to-do list items, and the next thing you know — your credit card is gone! Whether it's been lost or stolen, we're here to help. Read our Lost or Stolen Card page for more information.