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Financial Counseling

You Matter

At Magnolia, we care deeply about your well-being. We want you to succeed financially. Let us help by scheduling an appointment with one of our financial counselors.


The service is completely free, and provided by Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors.


Make an Appointment


To schedule an appointment, please begin by filling out the form listed below. We’ll contact you within two business days.


Financial Counseling Appointment Form

Meet our experts

Each of these expert financial counselors can help you achieve your goals.


Branch Manager

Our finances are a big part of our lives. Just as we would like to keep our body healthy, we also want to be financially healthy as well. Let me assist you in bettering your financial quality of life.


Loan Underwriter

Leading members through financial counseling, we can lead members to better financial futures and help them keep their debt to a minimum.


VP of Lending

Having come from a banking background, I have really been able to see the credit union difference…We are people helping people. We would love to assist in helping you meet your financial goals!