Wouldn't it be great if the Great Lending Fairy came down and granted you the chance to waive a loan payment? Consider your wish granted with our special Skip-a-Payment Program.

The way it works is easy. Simply follow the instructions under "Services" in NetTeller Online Banking to choose which loan or loans you'd like to defer (Fresh Start and mortgage loans are not eligible). All terms and conditions stay the same and interest will continue to accrue. We'll extend the maturity date of the loan by one month to account for the deferral. Log into your account on NetTeller, get started and poof -- one or more of your loan payments will disappear -- like magic!

Contact a member service representative if you experience any trouble making your loan payment or payments disappear!


Important Information About Skipping a Payment

  • The $25.00 fee charged for processing the loan payment deferral will not reduce the loan balance and must be available in the share account selected in the payment deferral process and cannot be added to the balance of the loan.
  • All terms and conditions will remain the same and interest will continue to accrue. The final payment of the loan may be different because of the loan deferral. The maturity date of the loan will be extended by one month per deferral.
  • All mortgage loans are not eligible for payment deferral.
  • Fresh Start loans are not eligible for payment deferral.
  • If more than one owner is on the loan agreement, you agree to inform other owners of the deferred payment.
  • If a Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) policy is carried on a loan and the vehicle is involved in an accident and is deemed a total loss, the GAP policy may not pay the entire remaining balance because of the loan payment deferral.
  • Loans listed as INELIGIBLE on NetTeller may be eligible for a payment deferral. Contact the Member Service or Loan department at 601.977.8300 to inquire about deferring a payment on those loan types. A fee of $35.00 will be charged for all payment deferrals processed by our Member Service or Loan departments.
  • If your payment is scheduled to be payroll deducted, you must contact the Member Service department at 601-977-8300 or email within 72 hours prior to the payroll posting to make sure the payment does not post.

To set up through Netteller, follow these directions:

  • Simply log into your NetTeller Online Banking account and click on "Services."
  • Click on the "Skip-a-Loan Payment" link and choose the eligible loan(s) you wish to skip
  • The fee will be assessed and taken from the account you authorize.