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Click HERE to read Magnolia FCU's 3rd Quarter 2016 Newsletter!

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft!

Identity theft is consistently the number one complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.  Rampant data breaches affecting millions of records are putting consumers at great risk of identity theft.  It can happen to anyone--regardless of your age, income, where you live, or how careful you are. Learn More.

Restoring your identity on your own can be stressful and time-consuming.  It is time to protect your identity!

Click HERE to sign up for identity theft protection, today!

New "CHIP" Technology Has Arrived for your Magnolia Credit & Debit!

The next level of credit card security is here! The new "EMV" cards have an enhanced security feature that will work as an additional layer of protection! Your new, free cards will be safeguarded with an encrypted microchip which will serve to protect you and your purchases more than ever! You should receive your new chip-equipped card soon. Click HERE for more information!

Short on money? Skip-a-Loan-Payment Today!

Everyone deserves a break now and then--and not just during the holidays! That's why Magnolia FCU offers a year-round Skip-a-Pay program to eligible members. Skip your monthly loan payment up to two times each year per eligible loan--any time of the year--all for just $25.00 (if processed through NetTeller Online Banking) or $35.00 (if processed by a Magnolia representative) per loan.

It's quick and easy to request!

  • Simply log into your Online Banking account and click on "Services."
  • Click on the "Skip-A-Loan Payment" link and choose the eligible loan(s) you wish to skip.
  • The fee will be assessed and taken from the account you authorize.

FREE Member Education Workshop Schedule

Identity Theft & Fraud - Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.

To register for an upcoming workshop, simply email your name, email address and phone number to

Learn more about our FREE member education workshops.